Zen Cart fixes after box migration (host fasthost)

Current version before fixes 1.3.8

Message from fasthost to update config files to reflect new locations  5mins work
Ran into problems with running site error, 500 (unexplained error)


Data copy to local, plus database – 1/2hr

Setup of test server with data – 1/2hr

Error diagnostics – issues with curl (fasthost says unsupported*) *later checks proved they do have curl support enabled.

Database and file upgrade on test box 1hr

Config fixes test box 1/2hr

Uploaded upgraded files plus database to live 1/2hr

Not https:// – Fasthost stated no SSL feature enabled but has SSL_folder feature, created SSL Folder copied site files over 1hr

Redirect setup, config updates general fixes to put site back in working order 1hr

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