Zen Cart and Fasthost

So a friend of my old boss has been having migration issues, Fasthost were wanting to migrate a ZenCart site to a newer box, the migration occurred and seemed to work, until wanting to use the site. Because how ZenCart works it needed a few config tweaks to get the site back online, my old boss sent me a msg to see if i would have a look. So followed the instruction from support, thought i had it sorted went to open the site and Poof ‘Error 500’ in other words something has gone wrong but i’m not going to tell you why. Well thanks new box, so pulled the data down to my local server and set up the config to the new locations Poof ‘Error 500’ again, hmm. Well i thought lets upgrade then, so downloaded the latest release of ZanCart and started the process of upgrading. db upgrade went nice and smooth Zencart even displayed a nice page stating what steps it was taking. (this was all on my local server) after the db update full backup and export ready to upload to live site. On to fasthost, didn’t want to drop the live database so tried to set up a backup database ‘ACCESS DENIED’ oh the user only has access to this database, fine i’ll create a backup database manually. Though the fasthost dashboard, create new database for backup… only goes and creates the new database on a different box to the current one, no problem i’ll just backup and restore on to the new box. Exported the MySql db no problem go to import to the backup database ‘ACCESS DENIED’ er… well. Had to bite the bullet and drop the live database (had several files of the db locally) uploaded the new upgraded db and yay it imported correctly, phew. Now for the upgraded files, uploaded through ftp no problem (old file moved into a folder, just in case). updated config files for db information, rang the friend to say all online, just needed to upload the template and tweak settings. Go to use the ecommerce and the SSL side fails to run (facepalm), support ticket in the ssl (https) side hasn’t populated yet. Arrrgh little frustrated but then i resurrected an old zencart site from the dead. I’m sure in time the SSL will sort it out.

About FastHost i have used this provider before and in terms of support they do ok, their VPS and Dedicated boxes are good if you are able to setup and configure yourself, reasonably priced too.

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