Web Tidy

Going through my server sorting out sites and permissions that’s always fun, locking down the site without crippling it too much so that it can function as intended. Had to make some changes to the setup due to some issues, my setup was a header box (debian linux) with a cifs web share to a Seagate network storage device, worked out quite will but had some issues with permission settings the nas box didn’t like permission changes via the header-box so back to all on one box until i can sort out a more compatible cluster. I’m able to set permissions with ease now but have extra risk of data lose so have to get my backups sorted out, pretty easy with the use of webmin that i have installed on the header (one thing I’ve learnt, is never leave webmin on defaults, make sure to change the ports, might post a little explanation how to do this) The webmin side is only accessible from my internal network so i’m happy enough that it’s secure but i like to get into the practice of protecting my servers.

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