Pokemon Go Annoyances

Unless you live in a cave you will know about Pokémon go, it’s a fun game but has many annoyances, Servers yes this is the biggest issue Pokémon Go has have a server stay up long enough to actually catch anything, but i’m not really going to spout about the servers.

Zubat apocalypse, Drowsee epidemic, Pidgey flocks and the Rattata infestations they do my head in, you sit at pokéstops collecting pokéballs only to then waste them on the pesky pokémon that everyone has 50 of within 20 minutes of the game.

But the thing that bugs me is the transferring of pokémon for one measly candy when you need 50 plus just to evolve I mean come on, the balance of candies is silly. Yes one candy will do for a low level pokémon but should get more candies the greater the level of pokémon you transfer, that way if i accidentally transfer a high level pokémon (which i have done already and nearly quit) I won’t get one measly candy!!!!! below is my thoughts on a drop table for Candies

For CP 1-199 on transfer you get the one candy unless it is from an evolved form then a candy extra for each evolution. 200-299 two candies plus a candy for each evolution, 300-399 Three candies plus a candy for each evolution, you see where i’m going with this right. Why hasn’t this been added, it would make more sense for evolving pokémon instead of having to transfer four hundred damn magicarp for one damn evolution. /rant

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