Land of work

I’ve been busy last few months settling into a new job, it’s been exhausting but fun. I’ve made it past my probation and received an unexpected reward. I’m officially fully employed again. 

I’m exploring areas outside my knowledge comfort zone and really enjoying it. So much so that I decided to come of happy pills that had more negative side effects than the positive they should have been providing. Only issue with that is my tolerance for idiots is now very short.

Like the constant password crack attempts on this site. Pro tip who in their right mind would have an account of test? Come on put some effort in to it.

Best practice is to have a random generated username as well as password. Use a password manager to make cryptic notes about the username and password. Don’t write it down on a ‘post it’ for all tip see.

Passwords is one of the challenges I have in my new job, previously passwords were stored in an excel sheet, users couldn’t change their password and users were sharing passwords. *facepalm moment*

Any good it manager knows the Only Passwords that need to be written down are what if passwords. Then the Passwords are stored in a sealed envelope in a safe off site. 

More to come when I have time