This is just a page of simple introduction about myself, I’m British, White and male.

My political views are conservative and voted to leave the EU, Why? mostly how i was raised but with a lot of research as well.

I live in good old Yorkshire where i was born n bred, I’m married and have at present an awesome son while expecting another boy/girl in December. (This bit will change in time).

My background is in Technical support of IT with a big exposure to web development. I’m currently on sabbatical but also looking for work. My previous Job was Senior Technician at a Secondary High School where i had been for 14 years. I have extensive knowledge and experience within the IT Support industry, from setting up small desktops to configuring critical server infrastructure. Supporting both Windows O/S and Linux Debian distributions mainly Ubuntu.

Hobbies tend to be PC related, playing a various amount of games. I own games consoles but they don’t have the appeal as to true PC Gaming. (I’ll probably break this down as individual bubbles)

Just a brief description i may expand here or through my thought bubbles.