Fallout Shelter PC

Wahoo i can now play fallout shelter on the PC, i downloaded it for my tablet when it was released as a way of distraction after my step-father died (****ing cancer), any way i had a number of vaults and really enjoyed playing the game, sending out the dwellers to the wasteland and watching them work hard for my enjoyment, but as life got back to normal i started to use the tablet less to the point i wasn’t using it at all, so my nice vault sat gathering cob webs, but wahoo the game got released on the PC where i spend most of my life. I’ve missed so much in fallout shelter, now there’s pets and better quests. Although i’ve had to start again i know how it works and is able to set out the vault layout effectively. Just a few glitches though with the PC version mainly when alarms go off, it seems no matter which room has an issue it always high lights the power plant room, no big deal though.

I highly recommend this as a distraction game it’s really good and can be downloaded Here, just be warned the site doesn’t like adblockers or for what i can tell Chrome browsers.

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